Mexus Shipping was founded in 2014 due to the growing demand in Mexican ports for an agency that truly recognizes the value of world-class quality service and how customers ultimately measure that service in order to determine whether to reciprocate loyalty and trust.
Vessel Agency


In 2014, during the peak of iron ore exports from Pacific Coast Mexican ports, we became aware of a developing market that involved combining shore logistics, maritime freight, and expertise in maritime and commodities legal matters. We have assembled our team of industry experts that have on-the-job training and knowledge to handle any type of ship in port, logistics, brokerage, customs clearance, and trucking you may have need for in Mexico.
Ocean Freight


We are dedicated to the complete and total satisfaction of our clients at all times in order to create long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers and to expand our horizons to include the most cost-effective, efficient and reliable trucking services and timely customs clearance formalities.
Buque Mexico


Mexus Shipping strives to lead the market in Mexican shipping agency business and to be an example to other companies and government agencies improving Mexico’s infrastructure and port system to continue to be able to provide the best service of all classes for all types of cargo. We continue to serve on boards, with organizations, and events to promote continuous improvement and guide public and private investments in Mexico in the most positive direction possible.
Flete Maritimo


We are bilingual industry experts with the brunt of our experience coming in this area. Having a vessel in port is a great responsibility, and more and more customers are allowing Mexus Shipping to show them what we’re made of. With global markets on a downturn, profit margins must be respected more than ever, and our ability to predict difficulties and be pro-active in our role in resolution makes us the most logical choice for ship owners and charterers. We know we will continue to gain notoriety in business and our community as civic leaders, community volunteers, and donors of time, effort, and resources to also serve our communities.
Vessel Agent


Depending on you company needs and the applicable INCOTERM you are using for your transactions, we can provide you with the most reliable services that encompass all your OTR transportation needs throughout Mexico. Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking that you can see from your computer or mobile device as well. Also, our trucking company is NEEC certified to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Mexico Freight


Mexus Shipping is partnered with several licensed and experienced customs brokerage services to offer you this service. These trusted partners have demonstrated themselves to be the finest service providers in Mexico, and we are proud to have such effective, responsive, and trustworthy partners in this realm as possible.
Mexico Freight Forwarder


Given our combined experience as a staff, we find that we receive numerous inquiries from project administrators about changes in logistics or for new projects. Since we have had the pleasure of working in the transportation industries in Mexico for such a long time, we are experts in the legal and operative concerns that make the difference between success and failure. Should you have any inquiries, please simply contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote, legal information, or whatever other information you may need to get your project up and running.
Agencia Consignataria


Should you have a cargo needing transportation, whether it’s a container, pallet, or bulk cargo, we have the ability and relationships to make sure you get the efficient, cost-effective service you’re looking for. Please simply provide us with some basic information about the cargo, amount, loading port, discharge port, and date of shipment, and we’ll do the rest. Contact us at your convenience. We have the ability to reach all parts of the world for any type of cargo.

INCOTERMS are a set of three-letter standard trade terms most commonly used in international contracts for the sale of goods. It is essential that you are aware of your terms of trade prior to shipment.


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